Shimmy Shamanist (xangelslavex) wrote in omega_poetry,
Shimmy Shamanist

hello, im new here so by way of short introduction, i will say that ive written for around two years off and on. i enjoy seeing what people think of my stuff, and what they think it is about which is why im here. i saw this community through an x post on a poetry club.

i believe that the style form and rhyme are totally dependant on the poem. i write to satisfy what the poem is saying and almost view them as a living entity with a message to convey.

the piece i posted was written a while ago, has never been altered. lemme know whatcha think. thanks


it was locked so far away
bars of apathy, locks of rage
writhing blackened viper
my neck it looks to taste

in the flesh of the dead
or the cloth of night instead
staring at my back as i walked
the spitting cobra slept

how could it find
this release from my mind
had it been sitting waiting
watching all this time?

could i have known
a key would let it go
nothing so tangible to touch
some words should be left unspoke

as a shaking statue stands
praying for better days
pointing with a shaking hand
an open door to a forgotten cage

"the pain that grips you
the fear that binds you
all releases life in me"

whispers my memory
poison in eyes
demanding commanding
"remember me and mine"

falling twisted clutched
trying for fighting but
old fears bring new tears
overcome by too much
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