fury (phoenixfury) wrote in omega_poetry,

A Friendly Reminder From the Mod

I'm glad to see this community growing, and so many people looking for solid feedback on their work. Please keep in mind that being an active member of this communtiy entails both posting and reviewing the work of others. To this extent I would like to thank synthp0paddict who has been massively helpful so far in the continuing maintenence of this community.

I realize that I sound vaguely hypocritcal, and that I haven't reviewed nearly as many of your works recently as I should have. Apologies in advance, as I am currently staying with a friend in the District of Colombia for three weeks. I do, however, have computer access, and now that things have settled down I will try my best to take a more active approach to reviewing/critting.

Thank you once again, and you may now return to your regularly scheduled program.
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