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first post, yay!

My apologies to the moderator for joining while he was in Spain. Before I get to my poem, some boring background info: Favorite Poet: ee cummings Writing Website: http://www.geocities.com/howling_with_wolves/ Other Interests: Music, Figure Skating, Photography, Politics And on to the poem! I'd really appreciate if, in addition to critiquing on the poem itself, you could write a blurb on what you think I meant. I don't think I'm getting my message across very effectively. Thanks!


Turn on your eye.
Pixelled Fireworks
of feigned mirth
beat against the plexiglass barrier.

Your eye blinks
Glee is gone
Replaced by desire.

SPEND :: to be sexy
CONSUME :: for country
DEVOUR :: for affluence

Boredom draws you away
Push buttons,
exchange your vision.

Press Corps load their
machine guns.
The bullets
           (“GIs Charged in Death of Detainee”)
come rapidly
Direct hits to the bottom
           (“Terrorist Group Vows New Attacks”)
of your eye.
car bombs
explode your mind.
You start to shake
As you find yourself longing
for thoughtless hilarity
acquired by laughtracks.

Your world disappears
and is born again
as obvious jokes
comfort you.

and the last fragment of reason
tells you
“It’s alright, dear.
It’s your anesthetic.”
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