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This is behind an lj-cut for two reasons. One, it's long. No reason to clog up friends lists, right? Two, the second poem may not be suitable for all audiences, haha. It's slightly vulgar, but not bad at all... PG kinda stuff. (PG for language). Enjoy, and please critique.  Just a note, these poems were written 6 months to a year apart.

My Barbie Doll Collection


the Modern Helen of Troy
Crystalline Complexion
Breasts: Cantaloupes
Waist: Sewing needle
Hips: a watermelon
Her legs: a masterpiece by Michelangelo
and are
carried By Dainty Feet
in feminine shoes.

i look in the mirror
with Her beside me.
Zit splattered face
tiny everywhere
...Except Feet !
Crooked slabs of stone-hard clay
form them
and i
can only wear my
manly sandals.
legs sculpted by muscles
not artists.

looking towards the wastebasket
i let go of you
you tumble downwards
with a
you land in the banana peels.
i smile
you’re not as perfect as you seem.


liberate your four-year-old.
teach her
that sweet old boyfriend's
no good for her.

enlighten your five-year-old.
tell her
she should have the morals
of Hollywood's Whores.

instruct your six-year-old.
dark features
are good
(don't discriminate!)
but blondes are better
(convey to her their sexual power)

show your seven-year-old
appearance is everything
divorce and remarry
the trophy of your (sexual) fantasies

discipline your eight-year-old
for flirting
with the thirteen-year-old next door
and for listening to years of Her advice

forbid your nine year old
from leaving the house
in minuscule shorts
and halter tops.

at ten
she waves goodbye.
she's too old
to play with Her.

ignore your fifteen-year-old
as she takes
ephedra and bloussant.
her waist will never compare to Hers

through it all
She looks away
for She's making
        ("New Cutie for Barbie!")

the world admires Her prowess
and experts justify
Her love-life
        ("If Britney and J.Lo can
           replace love so easy, so
           can Barbie!")

She feels no guilt
(He's only plastic)
as She dumps her beau
of forty-three years
(australian!) surfers
are always more fun
and look better
beside a liposuctioned
anorexic Idol.

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