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Washes the grave with silvery tears...

Gods of their mighty fortress that they built,
Dreams are shattered when they kill.
Busied by their swords and majical words,
Cutting down souls in furious herds.
Merry-go-rounds take them to a faraway place,
Before they fire their gun do they even look at a fathers face?
Lost in a tranquil land of kings and theives,
They are forced to kill not using their eyes to see.
A mothers kiss readies them for a dream state,
Thrown is a single rose on the soldiers' grave.
Do not these little children know,
A soldier they may be in the malady of tomarrow?
Blinded by the visions of media,
A loved one screams in hopes their sadness will lift up.
Cursing god and Democracy,
Praying viewers watch the birthdates on the screen.
Silent vigils into the night,
While brave soldiers read letters from home and cry.
In the distance stands a "worthy cause,"
Was it worth what children never saw?

I do not intend to ruffle anyone's feathers, this is just from a liberal point of view. If one can respect that, I will respect you. Thanks, I hope u enjoyed it...
any comments would be appreciated,

Jessica Pawluk
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